The C-Bus 8 Channel DSI Gateway Units are DIN rail mount units designed to control Atco-Tridonic brand dimmable electronic ballasts featuring the digital serial interface.

These DSI units feature learn mode, local and remote overrides for on/off control, Channel, C-Bus and Unit status indicators.

Each DSI channel can drive up to 100 DSI ballasts allowing a total of 800 DSI ballasts to be connected to a single C-Bus/DSI gateway module.

The DSI gateway is capable of detecting faulty lamps connected to its terminals and issuing a message onto the C-Bus network. These messages can be read by the C-Gate server application, when integrated as part of an overall building management system, lamp status may be reported to a central location.

8-канальный DSI диммер, источник питания

Артикул: L5508DSI